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We are innovative, compassionate, adaptable, respectful, and energetic.

To positively impact the healthcare delivery system through innovation, leadership and education. 

To improve lives by

delivering affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare to all. 

Meridian Medical Services, Inc. is a women business enterprise, with twenty years of experience providing healthcare services across the state of Indiana.  We improve lives by delivering affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare to the underserved.

Through innovation, technology and experience, we have created a transparent, flat-rate, healthcare delivery model.

Watch Our Feature in The Vivizer Vision Podcast

Watch Our Feature in The Vivizer Vision Podcast

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Meridian Radiology performs over 25,000 diagnostic imaging examinations annually, including x-ray, ultrasound and echocardiography.  We provide mobile diagnostic imaging to physician offices, assisted living facilities, factories, veterans and the homebound.  We employ registered, skilled technologists and board-certified radiologists.  We utilize advanced technology and continuously research and implement the latest imaging options available. 

Meridian Diagnostics & Medical Determination is the leading provider of consultative examinations for the Indiana State Department of Disability and Social Security (SSD).  We became the “gold standard” in 2009, when we disrupted the system, by applying voice recognition technology, resulting in a 95% reduction in physician report turnaround times.  Our consistent, excellent, performance allowed the state of Indiana to reduce report turnaround time requirements, ultimately reducing claimant wait times.  Since then, we have performed over 100,000 SSD examinations.  In addition, we provide consultative examination services to disabled veterans through multiple subcontracting vendors.

Meridian Visiting Physicians is the largest provider of in-home primary care in the state of Indiana.  Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and clinical staff have performed over 30,000 home visits and are experts in the delivery of in-home primary care.  We work to reduce overutilization of the emergency room and improve the disproportionate healthcare costs within the Medicare patient population (currently 5% of the population drives 50% of the spend).  We strive for the “Quadruple Aim”, the simultaneous pursuit of improving the patient healthcare experience, improving patient health outcomes, reducing the per capita cost of health care, and improving clinician experience. 

Meridian Laboratory Services is a moderate complexity CLIA and COLA certified laboratory, offering mobile phlebotomy services.  We maintain a rigorous quality assurance program, exceeding state and national testing requirements.  Our phlebotomists are certified, highly competent, individuals who travel to patient homes, group homes, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, factories and offices.  Our laboratory information system integrates with existing electronic health record systems, allowing for seamless ordering and rapid report turnaround times.

Meridian Primary Care is a walk-in clinic, accepting Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and self-pay.  We provide on-site medical care, telehealth, diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, patient education and chronic care management.  Our services are offered to all patients at the current Medicare fee schedule, providing a low-cost, high quality option for those who are insured under a high deductible healthcare plan or for those who are uninsured.

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